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Odd behavior when moving machine from AD to AzureAD


Hi All,

I currently have an on-premise AD Environment consisting of around 12 users which are synchronizing into Office 365 via the ADConnect tool.

The eventual goal is to ditch the on-premise environment, therefore to start preparing for this, I’ve migrated all on-premise file shares into SharePoint and started to remotely connect onto machines to disjoin them from the AD and onto AzureAD, I have done this so that when I disable the ADConnect sync and user accounts convert to ‘In Cloud’, all will just continue to tick along smoothly.

Now, I have a user named Contoso Fred (Fictitious Name) whose local AD profile resided in C:UsersContoso.Fred.DOMAIN when the machine was joined to the on-premise domain.

When I disjoined Contoso Fred’s machine from the on-premise AD, restarted it and joined onto AzureAD, when he logged in to the machine now that it is solely AzureAD Joined I noticed that his existing profile path changed to C:UsersContoso.Fred and his new fresh profile associated with his AzureAD account was C:UsersContoso.Fred.DOMAIN – I thought this was very strange, so I asked the user to open ‘CMD’ and type ‘whoami’ the output was domaincontoso.fred and not AzureADContoso Fred? Wtf is this all about? I’m so confused

Is this going to cause me issues down the line? i.e when I get rid of ADConnect and all accounts convert to ‘In Cloud’

u/Trexid over here https://www.reddit.com/r/Intune/comments/d3xses/ad_user_migration_to_azuread_does_not_fully/ documented the same issue, but I the resolution was not documented.

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