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Issue sharing folders in SharePoint


We are having a weird issue with a Teams-based SharePoint site, that I can’t seem to chase down a solution to.

The folder structure is laid out like so:

Projects (Team)

  1. (Project 1)
    1. Subfolder 1
    2. Subfolder 2
  2. (Project 2)
    1. Subfolder 1
    2. Subfolder 2

When a member of the Projects team creates a shareable link of a given project folder, i.e. (Project 1), and sends that link to a user inside the organization who is not within the Projects team, that user is only able to see some folders and files in the OneDrive mobile app, i.e. they can see “subfolder 1” but not anything inside it… If they open the folder in the web based app, they can see all folders and files within the (Project 1) folder.

It seems like it is only an issue with the mobile app, regardless of whether the user uses an android or an iphone.

any thoughts?

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