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365 Activity Feed/Outlook App “Recommended” etc – Turn Of Globally?


Hi All

We recently migrated a traditional on-premise Shared drive with granular NTFS permissions to SharePoint Online. (All users have M365 E3 with E5 security). The SharePoint document libraries and sites were setup with a consultant to ensure best practice so we have had a good go at it!

One immediate complaint on Day 1/go-live was the activity feed on SharePoint sites and it was quickly established that the company don’t want users to see what other users are doing – even though activity is only shown for document libraries you have access to. So we quickly deleted the Web Part on all sites and the problem was solved……… Until today where its been raised again this time on the Outlook mobile app – Hit search – “Recommended”.

Is there anyway I can either:

A. Turn off activity feeds/recommended/etc globally? I read disabling Delve might do this?


B. At least turn if off for Outlook mobile app. We have an “app configuration policy” in Endpoint manager for Outlook already in use. Is the “Discover Feed” something to look at?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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